Joe Biden Stole the Show

Joe Biden brings the house down Photo: Lee Gleiser

In just a few hours, the final speeches of the  Democratic National Convention will be behind us.The short  race for the finish line will be ahead of us. Tonight’s grand finale features Hillary Clinton herself, introduced by her daughter Chelsea. 

And although I realize that her speech marks a historic moment in our history, I’m having a hard time believing it will top the energy and the momentum that filled this building last night.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Joe Biden brought the house down yesterday. It was his farewell to the American people as a holder of public office. He tore apart Trump. He shared the very personal story of his family. He built up Hillary. And through it all he grabbed our hearts and earned our trust. We like Joe Biden. We love Joe Biden. When he came onto the stage to the theme from Rocky everyone in the Wells Fargo Center was on their feet.  “Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe,” they shouted. His delivery was impeccable. When he talked about the son he lost to cancer the crowd wept with him. When he talked about all the reasons we do not want Donald Trump for president, the crowed jeered with him. And when he shared stories of his personal relationships with both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, the crowd cheered with him.

When Joe Biden left the stage he left the crowd yelling for more.

Which is why it was at worst unfair, at best unfortunate, that the next speaker in the line-up was the Vice Presidential  Nominee Tim Kaine. Although  a senator from Virginia since 2012, Kaine is new to the “big leagues.” I’m not sure it gets any bigger than speaking from the stage of the DNC just before the President of the United States. The juxtaposition of Kaine to Biden was painful. One was charming and eloquent and owned our hearts. While the other was a nice guy who had a story to tell and told it. It just wasn’t that compelling a story. Someone listening beside me quipped, ”He’s only on page one, he’s got two more to go.” Kaine will get better at this, as he goes. This was really his first huge moment. There will be more. But this one just wasn’t all that momentous. 

A man for the people, Joe Biden Photo: Lee Gleiser

The evening culminated with President Barak Obama, who fully endorsed Hillary Clinton and then embraced her on the stage. He  presented her before the people as “his choice” for successor to the office. Barak Obama is an outstanding speaker. He did a good job. He brought back the energy in the room that left the room with Joe Biden. But it was Joe Biden’s night to shine. I was not the only one in the room wondering what kind of a President he would have made had he decided to go for it.

And while Hillary will be the woman of the hour this evening, I would argue that Joe Biden is the man of this week. He stole the show. Let’s see if Hillary proves me wrong.

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