Let the Chaos Begin . . . The Delegates Have Arrived!

Feelin’ the Burn


The calm and quiet of the morning has dissipated quickly with the arrival of the delegates. “Where’s Kansas?” one shouts. Another is in search of Indiana’s delegation. This delegate is determined to show his support for Bernie Sanders. Sanders will be the final speaker at tonight’s festivities. Given the WikiLeaks email disclosure indicating that the DNC threw their support for Hillary over Bernie behind-the-scenes, it will be particularly interesting to hear what he has to say. Will he pull a “Ted Cruz” and refuse to endorse Hillary tonight at the Convention?  Can he do that, considering he reached a brokered peace deal with her last week and he endorsed her then?

This Hillary Supporter is All In for Hillary Photo: Lee Gleiser



This supporter has her feet, and even her “ears,” firmly planted in the Hillary camp, and she isn’t the only one!


Get Your Hillary Merchandise Here.
Photo: Lee Gleiser





There are souvenir stands filled with Hillary merchandise and long lines of purchasers eager to buy it. 

What will it be? Want a hat, a t-shirt, a Hillary poster? It’s all here and it’s all for sale!

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